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*Unless directed by the physician, if you take heart or blood pressure medication, you may take with only a sip of water at your normally scheduled time as well as take your inhaler at your normally scheduled time. *If you are taking Warfarin, Coumadin, Plavix, clopidogrel bisulfate, or diabetic medication, discuss this with the physician prior to your scheduled procedure date. If you have a cardiac history, please have your cardiologist fax over your most recent evaluation.

  • STOP PRADAXA FIVE (5) DAYS PRIOR TO PROCEDURE-Unless your cardiologist advises you otherwise
  • STOP EFFIENT SEVEN (7) DAYS PRIOR TO PROCEDURE-Unless your cardiologist advises you otherwise
  • No aspirin or aspirin containing products, Alka-seltzer, anti-arthritis or anti-inflammatory medications for 48 hours prior to the scheduled procedure date. Tylenol is fine.
  • No Metamucil, Fibercon, Citrucel or iron supplements five (5) days before your procedure.
  • No vegetables for two (2) days before the procedure.


  • 1 BOX Dulcolax Laxatives (over the counter-NO rx needed)
  • MoviPrep prescription from your local Pharmacy

*Please follow the preparation carefully and call the office if you have any questions.


Start a clear liquid diet-water, apple juice, coffee, tea (without milk or nondairy creamer), broth, jello, ices, sherbet, (nothing red or purple).

STEP #1--- AT_____THE DAY ____________YOUR PROCEDURE:

Take all four (4) Dulcolax laxatives with water. Do not chew or crush! Continue clear liquid diet.

STEP#2--- AT ____THE DAY ___________YOUR PROCEDURE:

Mix MoviPrep by emptying one (1) Pouch A and one (1) Pouch B into the disposable container. Add Lukewarm water or Crystal Light Lemonade to the top line of the container. Mix or shake to dissolve.

The MoviPrep container is divided by (four) 4 marks. Every 15 minutes, drink the solution down to the next mark (approx. 8 oz.), until the full liter is complete.

STEP #3--- AT _____THE DAY___________YOUR PROCEDURE:


You may continue to drink clear liquids up to six hours prior to your procedure and then nothing by mouth until after your procedure time.

*You must have someone to drive you or accompany you home following the procedure due to the medication given at the time of the procedure. Please check with your insurance regarding pre-certification. BRING YOUR MEDICATION LIST WITH YOU!! **For MoviPrep® assistance, call toll free from 5:00pm-9:00pm (1-855-466-8479)

Click here to print out the MoviPrep Instructions.

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